The day your child first starts childcare marks a big transition for your family. It’s completely normal to be anxious about how they (and you!) will cope with the change. While this stage can take some getting used to, by following a few simple steps you can ease your worries about leaving your child for the first time.

Once you have chosen the best childcare option for your family, the time will come to get your child used to their new environment and routine. When your child first starts childcare, there will be a gradual settling in process that is guided by their particular needs. Knowing what to expect from their first day can go a long way to alleviating your fears.

To help you get your childcare experience off to the best start, we asked Busy Bees, a leading UK day care nursery provider, to share their top suggestions to help both of you and your child navigate this new milestone:

  1. Share information – The ways in which children separate from their main carer can differ enormously. It’s important that your child’s key person gathers as much info as possible to understand your child’s needs & routine being followed at home even down to the detail of how you change your child’s nappy or how you hold them when being fed.
  1. Stay relaxed – It is important for your child to see you in the new environment feeling relaxed talking to the key persons working in their room, your child will be reading your body language and taking comfort from you in the form of your body language is saying, “It’s alright in here, you can trust these adults.
  1. Take a comfort item – Leave something at the nursery that smells of home – like a blanket or cuddly toy – something that can be left with the child that will make them feel secure with a familiar smell.
  1. Don’t rush it – Remember there is no rush; stay in the room dependent on how old your child is allow them to move off and play and keep returning to you for comfort.