A young Essex mum has launched a fundraising campaign to help the hospital that saved her baby.

Paige Balding, 16, was told by doctors at her 20 week scan that her unborn child had a rare heart defect, giving her only a 50 per cent chance of survival.

Paige, of Stanford-le-Hope, was even given the option of terminating her pregnancy, but decided to continue despite the odds.

“I couldn’t imagine not having my baby, so I kept her,” she told the Gazette. “I’ve always loved children.”

Eighteen weeks later, Little Lacey-Mae was born weighing 5lb 7oz. She was rushed to intensive care at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, where at four days old she underwent life-saving open-heart surgery.

After a further week in hospital, Lacey-Mae was discharged and made the journey home, but she soon began to experience breathing difficulties.

Returning to Great Ormond Street to undergo another emergency operation, Paige was warned to expect the worst.

Thankfully, Lacey-Mae survived her second operation and now, at four months old, Paige reports that she is recovering well.

“We got her home and she just started going blue,” Paige said.“It was horrible. It was very hard not knowing if she would survive.

“Great Ormond Street Hospital have given Lacey-Mae a better life. I want to make everyone aware of their amazing work.

Although she is now on the mend, Lacey-Mae may need more surgery in the future.

To make a donation to her Great Ormond Street Hospital campaign, visit www.gofundme.com/v52tqc

Source: www.gazette-news.co.uk