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Will you be pregnant through the Winter? If so you’ll need a coat to fit around your bump. One of our pregnant Essex Baby product review mums has recently tried out the Yummy Mummy maternity coat by Mamalicious. Have a read:

Product Description and Price

The Yummy Mummy maternity coat by Mamalicious is a Padded Waterproof Warm Black Maternity Coat, costing £105.00
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Why do you want to recommend this product?

This coat has a removable zip up panel, great for adding those extra essential inches to fit the bump in, but also giving the added advantage of removing the panel to be able to use the coat during the early months of pregnancy and once the baby has arrived. The panel is also useful for zipping the coat up over a baby in a sling. This cosy coat is very warm and snug, perfect for the cold wind and rain, with a handy hood hidden in the collar. I had to wash the coat almost immediately due to small sticky fingers, but it has come up beautifully and dried quickly on a low setting in the tumble dryer.

Essex Baby Rating:

5/5 – a lovely warm winter coat, one that will last throughout pregnancy and afterwards.

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